Friday, March 2, 2012

Worst Week In Kenya!!

I don't even know where to begin this!! Well I think the first thing is to start on Sunday.. Well after church on sunday a guy in the ward invited us over for dinner. So we went and the had made LOADS of food, and they told us that it is custom that everything be ate. Emilee and I looked at each other and thought for sure we were doomed... I know i sure was.. I don't eat a lot in the first place.So I took a huge first helping and as I was finally finishing after forcing down the food when I already was stuffed to the max there was a TON more food so the guy was like here let me get your second helping... This was even bigger than the first!! I was on the verge of screaming... So as I was eating I was getting so sick.. I was feeling like I was going to puke! Then on top of that I had horrible heartburn (and if anyone of you know me when i get one they are the worse and i cry!) So like a wuss I started to cry. I was in so much pain and wanting to throw up and I was only in like 2 bites of my huge second helping. I was pretty good at hiding it for a little bit until the wife saw me and I could like not talk or I was going to throw up. It was so bad! They finally said I didn't have to finish thank goodness and it was a good excuse to get home and lay down and take some meds. Definitely the worse freaking sunday of my life.. I thought I for sure would never eat again!! So then on Monday I had a stomach ache the whole day. However, then in the evening I was talking to my mom and it hit me.. I had to run to the bathroom so fast and I was there sitting on the toilet for a super long time. I thought I would be done so I'd get off just to have to sit on it again like 2 minutes later. I was so miserable and once again crying like a baby. Sorry this is nasty and tmi but to be honest I thought for sure I was going to poop my brains out. So then my host family came in and were like you should go to the doctor and so I went.. Man that was bad too!! So we get there and the doors are locked (its only 9.00 at night) so we have to ring this bell. We stood out there for like 5 minutes till finally this guy came to the door and we walk in and it was like dark and creepy... Not a soul around but this doctor dude. So we sit down and he is asking me what is up and all this and the first thing he comes out of his mouth is "We need to treat you for malaria. How do you feel about injections?" At that moment I about passed out. I HATE injections! Plus to be in a 3rd world country I was freakin. So I was like uh.. I hate them and what if I don't even have malaria and he was like you just need to be safe so he stands up walks into this room and I stay sat there and he is like come! So I walk in making emilee come with me and he is like okay I will give you a small needle and it won't be bad. So I get ready to like show him my arm and he starts lifting up my shirt in the back and pulling my pants down a little and I like jump away and was like dude what are you doing. He wanted to inject me in side on my back. It was weird...So he finally did it (wasn't too bad thank goodness) and just walks away. So i like go sit down and feel blood running down and so I lift up my shirt and I am bleeding.. I was like wow thanks for just letting me bleed everywhere dude! I miss the states where they wipe the blood and put on a cool bandaid :( haha. So after that he is telling me all this doctor jibberish that I have NO idea what the heck he is saying and whenever I try to put in a word he is like no no no I am talking. So I had NO imput whatsoever, and I bet its just because I am a woman. So he also gives me these pills and we are ready to go. I thought for sure it was going to cost me a fortune but thank goodness only 800 shillings (around $8). So that was nice! I have been sick this whole week and just today I have finally be feeling better. No more sunday dinners with nobody!

Well that is one bad thing this week. The second was the other day when we were walking to town and as we got closer there was starting to get a TON of people. Emilee and I were like what the heck is going on? So we just kept walking and started going through the people and as we did we noticed that there were huge boulders just in the middle of the road and people were like yelling in Swahili and so we started freaking out. We thought it was something crazy going on.. So then we started walking faster and this lady by us picked up a rock (a HUGE rock) and threw it down to the ground and was like yelling. It freaked me out! Then we got to this huge group of people surrounding something on the other side of the road and this car slams on its gas and backs up and almost hits all the people and then shifts and goes forward and all these people started throwing rocks at the car as it was driving away! I was so scared. I had no idea what was going on! So when we got home that night Esta (one of the girls that live with) told us that car had hit 2 little kids a boy and a girl from grades 1 and 2 :( The girl was instantly killed and the boy was in critical condition :( It was so sad and so the town was super upset at this guy and so they were throwing rocks at them. It totally made me way sad and down the rest of the day. Drivers here are crazy! They don't care about pedestrians!

Well on a happier note when I finally went to school this week the kids were so excited to see me :) So that was made me feel so much better. :) I seriously love these kids! It is going to be so hard to leave them. Also this week I taught the kids how to say I love you with their hands and I kept telling them I loved them and they kept saying it back and showing it with their hands. It was so cute!! I also taught them how to hug... none of them knew how... That is so sad to me. I LOVE to hug!! So now everytime we are getting ready to leave they all huge and say naku penda (I love you). They are great!! I can't believe I only have one week left. What a bitter sweet thing. These kids have forever impacted my life. I love them, and the other volunteers that I have worked with. They are amazing. I can't wait to see you all. I love you and miss you!!


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