Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jambo Everybody!!

Wow guys I am so sorry I have been so horrible at posting to my blog!! Life just gets way to hectic here and not much time!! I just have so much to share with you guys and I don't even know where I should begin!!

Well first of all an update on Simon... He never leaves my side! He is my little buddy! I don't want to sound cheesy but I don't even know how else to put it but in a cheesy manner :p It just blows my mind to see how love is so powerful and that you can feel it even if you don't talk the same language.. Like with me and simon we can never understand each other but with our actions we know that we mean a lot to each other. My favorite is that now whenever he first sees me in the morning he gets the biggest smile on his face and runs up to me and gives me the biggest hugs!! It is great!! As for the other kids they are just as cute and I love every single one of them!! There is one boy named Boniface that Emilee and I just absolutely adore!! He has the cutest raspy voice and he is so awesome!! He does this hilarious dance that i can't even explain to you but boy is he a character!! love the kid!!

Well as I told you in the last post last weekend I went on my safari... Oh my gosh i can't even begin to tell you how incredible that was!!  We got seriously 5 feet away from all the animals!! My favorites being the cheetah and its cub!! It was so cute!! i just wanted to get out of the van we were in and pet them :) They were just so chill sitting around. Also one of my favorite parts was we finally saw some hyenas and as we pulled up the first one i saw was pooping! Hahaha i tried to get a picture of it but he got up by the time i pulled out my camera dang it... :p We saw all kinds of animals and it was AMAZING!! I can't even put into words how awesome it was!!

So I forgot to tell you guys last time in the post about when we walk on the streets and little kids see us! They run up to use and all yell "how are you! how are you!" and they love to try to touch your hand. There is this group of kids that we walk by every day on our way to work and to never fail there they are yelling at us with the biggest smiles on their faces!! It is those moments that make this trip all worth it!! :) Especially when we are at school and playing with the kids like soccer and just laughing and having a total blast with them! I can't even explain the feelings that it gives me!! It is just absolutely amazing!!

Even though my trip is going incredible there is one thing that i HATE... as most of you know i am a super picky eater and let me tell you.. i have tried everything that i have been given on my plate... i know BIG surprise... but the food is SO GROSS!! Everyday i swear we eat the exact same thing. Rice (or speghetti), meat (either beef or lamb), and beans. I am SO SICK OF BEANS!!!! Not to mention the meat... can you say chewy!! I have never chewed on a peice of meat so long. The first time i like gagged but i have started to get use to it so i just sit there and chew on it for like five minutes before i can force myself to swallow. Then we sometimes eat like banana's and arrow roots that are cooked and bananas make me GAG but the roots are kinda good.. just as long as i don't eat too much or i want to throw up!

As for everything else it is going great!! Our family is absolutely amazing! It was sad though one of the daughters that we have become really close with and have a total blast with went to boarding school :( We took here this last thursday and it was sad! I can't believe that she is only 14 and she is taken away from her parents for 6 years coming home for like a week every 3 months. That sounds horrible!! Well everyone I have got to get going!! I will start writing more often!! Love you and miss you alll!!!!


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  1. Love you Sissy!!! I cant believe we missed your stinkin call!!! We think of you often and miss you terribly! So glad that you are having a wonderful time. :)