Monday, February 6, 2012

One eventful weekend!!

Hey guys!! So this weekend was quite an eventful one!! First of all on Saturday after I wrote my last blog post we met the missionaries to finally see where church was and come to find out it is a 40 minute matatu ride! (aka bus ride) So the first event comes from the bus ride to where we go... So Emilee and I are sitting there on the bus and this guy gets on the bus and at first he was just talking to the guy next to him and then he looks at me and Emilee (im sitting by the window and emilee is on my left between me and the guy) and says welcome to kenya! I hope you guys know that you are most welcome.. and then he looks at me and just goes "wow you are just so beautiful!" Then he keeps saying it over and over and is like telling me he wants to marry me. I was like in my mind HECK NO. His teeth was nasty... I could NEVER get anywhere close to that guy! I was like no i have to go home I can't leave my family. He just kept going on and on! It was horrible! Then he kept asking me well what can I do to make you marry me. I was DYING! I was like so ready to get off the bus.. It was intense!! Finally the missionaries took over and were like well come to church and you can see her!! Then they started talking church with him so he kinda left me alone! It was intense, so that makes 2 guys wanting to marry me since I have been here... One in the grocery store telling me he would bring sheep to where i live to buy me, and the other on the bus demanding that i marry him... Why can't this happen to me at home?!?! :)

Then at church on sunday was quite eventful! (No men on the bus this time!) However, there was this boy that sat by me in sunday school and sacrament and he was probably 12 and he would NOT stop staring at me. I about turned to him and been like WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT YOU PUNK! I was so annoyed!! I am not sure what my deal was but I am so tired of being stared at like I am some kind of mutant. Everywhere I go someone is always staring at me! I am just like everybody else.. freak... Sorry about that rampage:) So where was I.. Oh yes! So other than the kid church was pretty good! At first we were just singing waiting for more members to come and they were acting that we had no idea how to sing the hymns. Emilee and I just looked at each other like.. dude its just cause we are white! So then church went good after that (minus mr stare boy) and we had testimony meeting. This is a first in my life... but there was this girl that got up and bared her testimony and then was like now i am going to sing you a song, and she just start busting out in song in Swahili for like 5 minutes! It was quite an experience that I will never forget! It is amazing to see the church in a totally different place and yet it is the exact same. This church is absolutely amazing and I am so blessed to be a member of it!! I can't wait to see what happens next week.. I know there is a baptism in the pool at the hotel we hold church at so i can't wait to tell you all about that!!

So that was my eventful weekend! I am starting to get better at blogging :) miss you all and Naku Penda!! (love you)


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  1. So i loved reading this because it was hilarious. I busted up laughing over that creeper on the bus and when that girl broke into a testimony meeting. sweetness. And I'm totally jealous you guys are down there. How freaking awesome!