Saturday, March 19, 2011

The First Post

So I have no idea what the world I am doing but I am super duper pumped about this blog!! It will be a fun way to have people keep up with things that are going on my life. :) Plus it's like a journal for me that I can keep for good sakes :) The only problem is that I have never really kept up with journals.... crud... I am doomed! Dang this is going to be hard work. Well what do I say on these things?? Let me just say this today I sat on my butt all day long ( I probably have a sore coming in) and watched 4 movies! Talk about lazy butt boo yeah that is me! However, I have really enjoyed spending the time with my roomies Melanie, and Steph. Which by the way Stephanie is going to become my sister :) I am pretty excited about that.. Finally a sister in my family I have never in my life it is going to be WEIRD! Well I think that is enough for the first post.. more to come!! I am excited for the beginning of this blog!

Peace and love dizzles till we meet again! :)
-- Jordann :)

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