Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's Behind Curtain #1!

Today was a great sabbath day!! I loved going to church with my fellow ladies of the lord. So I bet you are all sitting there wondering what the heck the title of my post means well let me tell you :) It is quite the awesome story if I may say :) So today at church between sunday school and sacrament Melanie, Kalee, and I were just chillin in the hall eyein out some hotties when Kalee decided she wanted to go to the mothers lounge (where there is a couch) to sit and chill. Well the thing is that in this mothers lounge there is a toilet not in a stall but with a curtain that goes around it, and Melanie was like I think I have to pee. We were all like go behind the curtain!! So of course, this is Melanie we are talking about, did. It was the weirdest experience but it was awesome. We were laughing our heads off, and then Kalee kept saying what is behind curtain number 1! Oh man it was just freaking hilarous and awesome. I love these girlies! There are always making me laugh! We also have the BEST conversations for sure! Then we came home and decided that we wanted to watch A Walk to Remember because that is all we ever do here :p watch movies! The rest of the night is still to be written! If anything happens exciting I will be for sure posting. Love you all!!!

Peace and Love Dizzles!!

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  1. yay! i get the first comment! you rock jordann! you story was hilarious next time the bathroom is full im going in the mothers lounge lol!!!