Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bipolar Much? I sure think so!

Idaho weather officially sucks! Yesterday it was snowing and all kind of crap and today? Freaking sunny and I didn't even have to wear a jacket to class!!! Talk about frustrating and plus I didn't even get to play tennis :( There has been 2 extremely nice days go by and not a single time of playing tennis. What is wrong with that picture? EVERYTHING! So this is really random but there was this awesome video that I saw on youtube that ya'll should check out.. (Click this link Video) and you better watch it because it is AWESOME! There has been nothing exciting going on this week that is for sure. There is only like 2 weeks of school left and I am jumping for joy!! :) I cant wait to be back in Boise! I miss that beautiful place! Not to mention I miss my family! :) Hmm... I am lost at things to say it has been a way boring week! I am sorry guys! Keep following and I hope that more funny things are to come! I love you all!!

Peace and Love Dizzles!!

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