Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Semester Wrap Up

It has been awhile since I have been able to post. I haven't had anything exciting to post, and I have been a total lazy lameo! :) So I thought that I would finally write. This week is the last week of my winter semester and I have a year of school under my belt :) It is AMAZING! However, I am super bummed to be leaving my roommates:( We have become such good friends and it is hard to think that it will be awhile till I see them again. They have become really good friends and I am very very thankful for them! We have had so many good times and laughs and awesome sayings! You guys are the best. I will never forget you!!
Oh the great times at Carinos!! :) Cheers to us! and Cheers to Stephanie getting... well that is for us only! :) I love you guys!!! Now lets do a quick semester wrap up. Where should I start? The sad stuff or the really sad stuff? :p We will do sad I am pretty sure that I am going to get the lowest grade I have ever recieved from my science class :( That is a horrible feeling! haha Now for the really sad thing boys... hahaha lets see this semester I have had 4 dates (one where I was a make up choice because the other girl backed out) 0 boyfriends, 0 kisses, and just a really crappy boy life haha. Other than those two things this semester has been great! There is one things that I would talk about that at the beginning would just be another class not to mention one that I would just take to fulfill the credit but boy was I wrong. In fact it inspired the title to my blog. This is my Global Hotspots: Pakistan class, sounds boring right? In fact I think this has become one of my favorite classes ever. It was so moving and inspiring and I loved every moment that I spent in that class. The teacher was seriously awesome and everything that we did in that class totally changed my outlook on things. Now the important part that I got out of that class was in a book that we had to read called "Three Cups of Tea" it was about this man, Greg Mortensen, who went to Pakistan to attempt to climb K2. However, he failed to make it to the top and went off path on the way back down and ended up in this village called Korphe. The people of Korphe took Mortensen in and fed him and helped him get back to full health, and because of that he promised that he would come back and build them a school because they didn't have one. Well I won't tell you the rest of the story in detail but in review he goes back to the U.S and tries to find money to go back to those people who saved his life and fulfill his promise. He finally does and he goes back and builds it for them. The rest of the story he starts to build schools for villages all over Pakistan that are unfortunate and don't have schools. He ends up building his own foundation that becomes this huge thing and is building schools all over the country of Pakistan as well now in Afghanistan. The craziest part is that he did this from nothing. He was working as a nurse living out of his car, and he now has this huge foundation run by him and people that have been with him almost since the beginning in Pakistan as well in the United States. He is an incredible man, and he inspires me.
I want to go out and help people. I am not sure yet how I am going to accomplish this but I feel very strongly about this and I am super excited to hopefully in the future to make an impact on people who are less fortunate as I and help them out. What I may do not be as big as Mortenson but I am hoping that what I do at least has the same size impact on the people that I help as those in Pakistan. Well I hope that this post was worth the wait I love you all and I can't wait to see all of you!

Peace and Love Dizzles!

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